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The 10ticks School Learning System enables teachers to deliver the maths curriculum in a personalised and engaging environment. Students will love the interactive Desk Area and online activities, whilst maths departments will benefit from a wealth of both online and offline resources.

Our Online Maths Learning System has been fully mapped to the new 2014 Curriculum, and covers every topic from Year 1 to Year 11. The System includes all 4000 of our award winning maths worksheets, 1000 video guides, 1000 tests and 100s of online activities and games. With the System you can build bespoke courses for the whole class or each individual student, making it easy to cater for the top and bottom end students. Student’s can access the system from both school and at home, making it perfect for homework and revision, and with all the tests assessed online it will save you hours in marking.

60% of UK Schools use our maths resources, along with hundreds of Primary Schools

2015 Curriculum Approved


Boost Confidence


Track Results

National Curriculum 2015
Track Results

All our resources are fully mapped to the new 2014 Curriculum, covering every topic from Year 1 to Year 11. We also promise to keep the System completely up to date if there are any future changes as well.
Build up your students’ confidence with our built in rewards system. With every merit your students earn, they will get more and more confident and really start to enjoy maths. Teachers can also award personal merits to encourage further.
You can track your students’ progress and monitor their test results quickly and easily, helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses within their knowledge and establish their overall attainment level. You can also identify if any students need a bit of extra help and those who need to be pushed on more.

Make Maths Fun


Independent Study


Interactive Student Desk Area

Different Looks

It’s not all hard work. There are lots of fun and interactive maths games as well. These will allow your students to really have fun with maths and also help to consolidate those key skills taught, without your child even realising it.
The revision area allows students to access our maths resources. This is perfect for exams as it allows your students to focus on specific areas and to quickly find a help video or practice questions to improve skills.
The interactive student desk area encourages exploratory learning. This is full of useful features including a maths dictionary, daily puzzles, games and you can even send messages

Huge Amount of Resources




Build Bespoke Course

Huge Amount of Resources
Bespoke Courses

The System contains more than 4000 worksheets, 1000 video guides, 1000 tests and 100s of games and activities. With so many resources teachers will have the flexibility to use the System how they wish.
The School Learning System is internet browser based so can be accessed 24/7, and is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, iPads, Androids and other tablets. Some resources may require additional software which you may have installed on your device already.
You can select our ready-made 10ticks courses, or you can quickly and easily build bespoke courses of learning and set them for the whole class or for each individual student.

Download our latest School Learning System brochure Download our latest School Learning System brochure here PDF (260KB).