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Welcome to Ian’s Friday Puzzle! Dust off those Friday cobwebs with a little manipulation of the old grey matter. Perplexing puzzles, logical, illogical, and sometimes just plain stupid. Be prepared to be bewildered, befuddled and bedazzled!

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This week's Friday Puzzle


Use ALL the digits from 1 – 9. No digit can be used twice.

Write a different digit in each box so the calculations are correct.

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Friday Puzzle (10/09/2021)

AB and BC are diagonals on two faces of a cube.

Cube with diagonals

What is the size of the angle ABC?   

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Friday Puzzle (23/07/2021)

Census Taker: How old are your three daughters?

Mrs. Jones: The product of their ages is 36 and the twins have red hair.

Census Taker: I’m afraid I can’t determine their ages from that …

Mrs. Jones: My youngest daughter has just woken up.

Census Taker: Oh, thanks, now I know.

How old are the three girls?

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Friday Puzzle (16/07/2021)

I pick two consecutive integers, one of which ends in a 5.

I multiply the integers together and then square the result.

What are the last two digits of my answer?

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Friday Puzzle (09/07/2021)

Simplify the equation

(x - a) × (x - b) × (x - c) × ... × (x - y) × (xz).

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Friday Puzzle (02/07/2021)

After a short holiday, three campers found they had 7 full bottles, 7 half-full bottles and 7 empty bottles of water to take home.

They decided to take an equal number of bottles each, as well as an equal weight.

How do they divide up the bottles fairly?

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Friday Puzzle (25/06/2021)

Bert and Ernie had a race over 100 metres.

Bert won by 10 metres.

Ernie demanded a rematch, but this time Bert gave Ernie a head start!

Bert began 10 metres behind the starting line.

Assuming both ran at the same pace as they did before, who will win and by how far?

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Friday Puzzle (18/06/2021)

Three students each picked 4 different numbers under ten, and then multiplied these numbers together.

They all had the same answer, even though they didn’t all pick the same set of numbers. No negative numbers were used.


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Friday Puzzle (11/06/2021)

A wooden box measures 2 m by 3 m by 4 m and weighs 10 kg when empty.

What can you put in the box so that it weighs 8 kg?

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Friday Puzzle (04/06/2021)

Beth bought a bag of sweets on Monday, and ate a quarter of them.

On Tuesday she ate a third of the remaining sweets.

On Wednesday she ate half of the remaining sweets.

On Thursday she ate five of the sweets.

On Friday she noticed that she only had three sweets left.

How many sweets were originally in the bag?

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