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Boost your child’s maths with 10ticks

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628 tests completed with a score of 10/10, 10ticks making maths simple, fun and fascinating!

60% of UK Schools use our maths resources, along with hundreds of Primary Schools

2014 Curriculum and 2015 GCSE Approved


Boost Confidence


Track Results

National Curriculum 2015
Track Results

Build up your child’s confidence with our built in rewards system. With every merit your child earns, they will get more and more confident and really start to enjoy maths.
You can track your child’s results quickly and easily, allowing you to pick up on gaps in your child’s maths and provide extra help to plug them.

Make Maths Fun


Independent Study


Interactive Student Desk Area

Different Looks

It’s not all hard work, there are lots of fun and interactive maths games as well. This will allow your child to really have fun with maths, but also consolidate those key skills at the same time.
The Revision Area allows your child to access our entire collection of maths resources. This is perfect for exams as it allows your child to focus on the specific areas they want and quickly find a help video or practice questions to improve skills.
The interactive student desk area encourages exploratory learning. This is full of useful features including a maths dictionary, daily puzzles, games and much more.

Huge Amount of Resources




Build Bespoke Course

Huge Amount of Resources
Bespoke Courses

The Home Learning System is compatible with desktops, iPads, Androids and other Tablets.
You can select premade modules containing a mix of resources, or select individual tests, worksheets and grades. It is quick and easy to build bespoke maths courses.